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Animal Ordinances & Fines

Animal Bites
All animal bites should be reported to Animal Control as soon as possible. Reporting of animal bites, regardless of severity, is required by state law.

 Impoundment Fees
If your pet is found by Animal Control, it may be reclaimed with payment of impoundment and boarding fees. All animals held for more than seven days become the property of the City of Wylie and are available for adoption or euthanasia.


1st Impound



2nd Impound



3rd Impound




Pet Excrement
Animal owners are responsible for the removal of their pet's excrement deposited on public walks, recreation areas or private property.

Pet Restraint
Wylie City Ordinance requires all pets to be restrained by a leash, a chain or a fenced yard. It is unlawful for an owner to fail to prevent their pet from running at large within city limits or allow them to run free in city parks.

Pet Treatment
An owner or person cannot abuse or cruelly mistreat any animal or fail to provide it with proper food, water or shelter or abandon it when ill or injured. Owners should not allow their pet's quarters to become unsanitary, malodorous or obnoxious to others.

All pets must be registered. Visit Permits and Registration
for more details.

Wild Animals
It is unlawful for a person to own, maintain or keep a wild animal in city limits.

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