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Pet Registration

City of Wylie Ordinance Sec.18-61 requires that all dogs and cats within the City of Wylie are to be registered every 12 months. The registration fee for each animal is $10.    

 Registration is simple:

  • Provide a current rabies vaccination certificate for each animal
  • Provide a $10 fee per animal
  • Present or mail information and payment to the City of Wylie Animal Shelter located at 949-A Hensley Ln., Wylie, Texas, 75098

If you are mailing your registration, please include important information about your pet that may not be documented on your rabies certificate. Medical conditions including allergies are important to insure your pet's safety in an emergency situation. Please include as many emergency contact numbers as possible for anyone who may assist your animal.

Keep in mind that even indoor animals can be let out by unfortunate incidents such as a door left ajar and severe weather conditions.

Did you know that 95% of all animals wearing identification tags are reunited with their families?

(The annual registration fee for a declared dangerous dog is $50, and a $25 fee to register a declared dangerous dog at a new address.) 


City Of Wylie  |   300 Country Club Road  |   Wylie, Texas  75098  |   972.516.6000