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Food Scores

The City of Wylie contracts with the Collin County Health Department for routine inspections, education and monitoring of all food facilities including restaurants, daycare centers, schools, grocers, mobile food venders and temporary food facilities. County inspectors follow the Texas Department of Health Services Food Establishment Rules.

Inspection scores are based on a 100-point system subtracting demerits for both critical and non-critical violations. Critical violations, those that require immediate corrective action due to food contamination, illness and/or injury, are assigned a higher weighted point value than non-critical violations. 


100-90 A - Excellent
89-80 B - Good
79-70 C - Fair
69-Or Below Failing


2008 Scores
2009 Scores
2010 Scores
2011 Scores

2012 Scores
2013 Scores
2014 Scores
2015 Scores

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