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Emergency Medical Services

Wylie Fire Rescue E.M.S. partners with the Southeast Collin County E.M.S. Coalition. The SCCEC is made up of the cities of Lavon, Parker, St. Paul and Wylie, as well as Collin County. As a coalition, members contract with East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) for ambulance service. ETMC provides one ambulance 24/7/365 and a second ambulance 12/7/365 for the entire coalition and staffs the ambulance with one paramedic and one Emergency Medical Technican (EMT) per shift. The City of Wylie/Wylie Fire Rescue provides two back-up ambulances.  These two back-up ambulances provide service during high call loads, and WFR staffs these ambulances with Paramedics and EMTs from WFR staff.  

Many people want to know why a fire truck comes every time they call an ambulance. The reason is Wylie Fire Rescue operates as first responders. In order to be sure every medical call receives the best and quickest response, fire trucks are dispatched with the ambulance. Every firefighter on the fire truck is certified as a paramedic, allowing each of them to perform basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS) upon arrival, even if the fire truck arrives before the ambulance. Initiating patient care as quickly as possible is critical in giving citizens and guests the immediate care they need when life-threatening emergencies occur. So next time you see the ambulance and fire truck traveling together, you will know why!

If you have questions about an ambulance bill, please call 1-800-213-8511.


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