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Medical Magnet Program


WFD NEW PATCHWylie Fire Rescue’s EMS Division has at its core the mission to reduce community health risks. We have identified many ways to improve service to the community. One program that evolved from our efforts is our Refrigerator Magnet Program, designed to improve efficiency and accuracy of service when responding to emergency medical calls at residences.

Time-on-scene is crucial when delivering patient care. There are many important functions that the responders must perform simultaneously when a patient is suffering a medical or injury emergency to expedite proper treatment, delivery to the proper hospital, and the passing of care to the proper medical personnel.

One of the most important functions is the sharing of accurate information about the patient’s condition, history, allergies and medications. It is important to have as much accurate information about that patient as possible, even the location of a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or Living Will if the patient has one.

In the summer of 2005, WFR authored a program that included an information card that is inserted into a plastic sleeve with a magnet on the back, designed to be placed on a resident’s refrigerator. Having this information in written form, readily available, reduces the on-scene time, and assures that accurate medical history and patient wishes are communicated to healthcare workers, especially in cases where the patient is unable to speak or has another barrier to communication. 

The refrigerator magnet kit includes the plastic sleeve and magnet and two medical information cards, so that if one is taken by responders, another is ready for use the next time we respond to that patient.

WFR will provide assistance as needed to make sure the cards are posted in a readily accessible location in the home and that the information is as complete as possible. Kits are available at any Wylie Fire Station, or at Fire Administration during regular business hours. Call 972-442-8110 for more information or email us and we can mail them to you.

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