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Warning Systems

Siren Warning System


The City of Wylie has an emergency siren warning system, designed to warn those who are outside or who are in close proximity to a siren. Sirens may not always be audible inside homes, buildings with a high ambient noise level (such as offices or factories), or when you are sleeping.

It is imperative that you remain aware of the potential for severe weather, especially during the spring and fall storm seasons. By remaining alert, you can anticipate severe weather and possible watches or warnings. If the potential for severe weather exists, be prepared. Monitor your radio/television station for updates or purchase a weather alert radio receiver, which may be purchased from a variety of retail stores at a reasonable cost. These receivers sit silently until a warning is issued by the National Weather Service; at which time they give out a loud alarm sound, followed by the specific warning message. The weather alert radios can easily be configured to warn the hearing and visually impaired.

The City of Wylie's warning system will be tested in concert with other agencies throughout the Metroplex, which test their systems on the first Wednesday of each month at 1 pm. Each test will be a comprehensive test of any and all community warning/notification systems including:

  • Outdoor warning sirens;
  • Cable override systems; and
  • Future systems for resident notification of emergencies.

Any tests listed above or scheduled for the future will be waived if threatening weather is in the area.

If the siren you hear is not a test, remain calm and go inside immediately; turn on your radio or television, or listen to your weather alert radio. Note: In this area WBAP Radio, 820 AM, is the designated Emergency Alert System (EAS) station. Listen to the instructions and take necessary actions to protect yourself and your family and remain indoors until the emergency has ended unless told otherwise.

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