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Police Department Fitness Standards


Physical Ability Examination 

As part of the City of Wylie Police Department application process, you will be required to participate in a physical fitness assessment. The assessment involves rigorous physical activity that will test your fitness level as it relates to the position you are applying for.

You will be required to obtain a medical clearance from your doctor at your own expense prior to participating in the assessment.
Please see the medical clearance and waiver attached to the application. Applicants who do not have their paperwork will not be allowed to test.
The test will include;


Vertical Jump minimum of 16 inches


Timed Sit-ups minimum of 20 in 1 minute


300 Meter Run in less than 1 minute 14 seconds


Maximum number of Push-ups (no time limit)

1.5 Mile Run in less than 16 minutes









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