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Adult Services Staff Picks

TalesYogaTales from the Yoga Studio

Rain Mitchell

Synopsis: The yoga studio is where daily cares are set aside, mats are unfurled, and physical exertion leads to well-being, renewal, and friendship. An aggressively expanding chain of Los Angeles yoga "experience centers," has Lee and her extraordinary teaching abilities in its sights. They woo her with a lucrative contract, a trademarked name for her classes, and a place for her handsome musician husband. But accepting the contract means abandoning the students at the homey studio Lee runs in L.A.'s Silver Lake district- and leaving behind four women whose friendships are suddenly more important to her than retirement benefits and a salary increase.

Christy Says: To be honest, I checked out this book purely based on the cover, it looked fun. It is a fairly light and definitely enjoyable read about how four very different women's lives become intertwined through a yoga class they all happened to take together one day. There is something ethereal and poetic shown through the descriptions of the surprisingly cut throat yoga industry in L.A. Though not a yogi myself, I will admit that this book did make me want to break out a mat and give it a shot!

Call Number: F MIT 


The Golem and the JinniThe Golem and the Jinni: a Novel
Helene Wecker

Synopsis: A golem named Chava, brought to life by a renegade rabbi, loses the husband who had commissioned her on the voyage from Poland, while the jinni Ahmad is released by a tinsmith from captivity in a copper flask (where hed been put centuries before by a Bedouin wizard). As Chava and Ahmad unite against a terrible threat, denizens of their lower Manhattan neighborhood swirl about them intriguingly. The Golem and the Jinni is their magical, unforgettable story: two unlikely friends whose tenuous attachment challenges their opposing natures.

Donna Says: Helene Wecker’s debut novel may have been added to your “to read” list in 2013. If you haven’t read this 2013 Texas Lariat Award Winner yet, then do so before 2014 comes to an end. This thought provoking historical fantasy explores the immigrant experience at the end of the nineteenth century through two supernatural beings. If you enjoyed Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell or Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus, then check out The Golem and the Jinni this month.

Call Number: SFF F WEC


Horrorstor Horrorstör
Grady Hendrix

Synopsis: Something strange is happening at the Orsk furniture superstore in Cleveland, Ohio. Every morning, employees arrive to find broken Kjerringwardrobes, shattered Brooka glassware, and vandalized Liripip sofa beds--clearly, someone or something is up to no good. To unravel the mystery, five young employees volunteer for a long dusk-till-dawn shift--and they encounter horrors that defy imagination.

Elizabeth Says: If you think about it big retail stores are kind of creepy. Cavernous, a little too bright, designed to manipulate and staffed by people who'd all rather be anywhere else. Horrorstör is filled with social commentary that is half comedy and half horror story. The book itself is parody of a retail catalog with item illustrations and descriptions. Ikea will never be the same again.

Call Number: HOR F HEN


SilentGraveSilent in the Grave
Deanna Raybourn

Synopsis: These ominous words are the last threat that the darling of London society, Sir Edward Grey, receives from his killer. Before he can show them to Nicholas Brisbane, the private inquiry agent he has retained for his protection, Sir Edward collapses and dies at his London home, in the presence of his wife, Julia, and a roomful of dinner guests. Prepared to accept that Edward's death was due to a long-standing physical infirmity, Julia is outraged when Brisbane visits and suggests that Sir Edward has been murdered. It is a reaction she comes to regret when she discovers the damning paper for herself, and realizes the truth. Determined to bring her husband's murderer to justice, Julia engages the enigmatic Brisbane to help her investigate Edward's demise.

Megan Says: Silent in the Grave is quite the satisfying read. It is a comedy, romance and mystery all rolled into one. I lost count of how many times I genuinely laughed out loud. You will adore Lady Julia; she is quirky, surprising and delightfully charming. Her counterpart, Brisbane, is quite the character as well. He will drive you wild with his dark and brooding heat. This is the perfect book to read when you are in the mood for enticing, fun-filled entertainment.

Call Number: MYS F RAY


PoirotPoirot Series 1

Synopsis: Agatha Christie's brilliant Belgian detective is on the case in the first series of the hit PBS mystery. Fan favorite David Suchet stars as the dapper sleuth who solves the thorniest of cases with his formidable intellect. Set in glittering 1930s Europe, these remastered adaptations capture every splendid detail of the Art Deco era.

Nina Says: David Suchet has been the one and only Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s most beloved sleuth, for a generation. As the last series of films rolls out with him at the helm, the original series are being remastered. Suchet’s portrayal conveys gentle humor without ever making Poirot out to be a joke. A true classic.

Call Number: ADVD POI


Stuff MattersStuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials that Shape our Man-made World
Mark Miodownik

Synopsis: Materials scientist Mark Miodownik answers all the questions you've ever had about your pens, spoons, and razor blades, while also introducing a whole world full of materials you've never even heard of: the diamond five times the size of Earth; concrete cloth that can be molded into any shape; and graphene, the thinnest, strongest, stiffest material in existence--only a single atom thick. Stuff Matters tells enthralling stories that explain the science and history of materials. From the teacup to the jet engine, the silicon chip to the paper clip, the plastic in our appliances to the elastic in our underpants.

Randall Says: Miodownik explores the extraordinary properties of everyday materials: from alloys, to paper, to glass. Beware; the chapter on chocolate is craving-inducing. The science is accessible and you can’t help but share in Miodownik’s enthusiasm and sense of wonder. Recommended to anyone interested in learning about the fascinating materials we so often take for granted.

Call Number: 610.11 MIO

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