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Storytime FAQs



Why should I bring my child to storytime? 

Storytime is a great learning experience for your child! Not only will it build imagination, listening skills and the love of reading, but it also exposes kids to the six pre-literacy skills they need to be ready to read. Plus they can interact with children their own age.


Why do you break storytime down by age? They are all the same anyway, right? 

No! Each of our storytimes is specifically designed with that age group in mind. We take into consideration brain development, motor skills and the six pre-literacy skills when planning storytimes. Each storytime focuses on different elements to best benefit your child.

As children get older they may find some of the elements in the younger storytime sessions boring and they may act out, stop paying attention or refuse to enter the storytime room. These are all signs that your child may be ready for the next storytime step. 

If you are currently attending storytime regularly and don't wish to switch to the next level of programming in the middle of a session, no problem. You know your child best and therefore you should decide when it's the best time to make that transition. We do encourage that you attempt the session that is in line with the age of your child as that is how they will get the most out of this service.  


What are the six pre-literacy skills and why do they matter? 

Pre-literacy is what you know about reading before you actually learn to read. The six pre-literacy skills are: vocabulary (words), print motivation (books), narrative skills (story), print awareness (interaction), letter knowledge (alphabet) and phonological awareness (sounds). These six skills help ensure success in reading and school. They are a major part of storytime. For more information on each of the skills, please go to our Early Literacy page.


Why do I have to have tickets for storytime? 

Due to fire code, there are a limited number of people we can allow in the storytime room. The tickets help us ensure we do not go over that limit.


Tickets are free and available on storytime day. You cannot get tickets for a future storytime. They are only available the day of that particular program.


We ask that all family members be present for tickets. In other words, please don’t get tickets for friends who have not actually arrived yet.  


Can I bring older or younger siblings to storytime? 

Sure! However, we recommend that if you can only attend one storytime, you come to the one that is appropriate for your oldest child. Usually, younger kids will follow the example of what big brother or sister is doing and learn right along with them.


You may also want to consider attending Family Storytime on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. This is an all-ages program and fun for the whole family.


How can I prepare my child for storytime? 

Talk to your child about what to expect. Let them know there will be songs, rhymes, books and music. Get them excited about meeting new friends including puppets and library staff.


Do I have to come in with my child? 

Yes, all children must be accompanied by an adult.


What if my child starts crying or gets fussy? 

It is absolutely ok to leave in the middle of any storytime and bring your child back after he/she calms down. Actually, we prefer it! It is also ok to leave storytime early and try again next week. Don’t feel like you have to force your child to attend. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone.


Why do you repeat the same songs/rhymes/flannels every week? 

Repetition is how young children learn. Repeating elements help kids feel secure because they know what is coming up next. Depending on the age group, different elements are repeated. Often this repetition is emphasizing an important skill like reciting the alphabet song every week helps kids learn letters.


Can I bring my daycare or homeschool group to storytime?  

Please call us 972-516-6250 option 4 and let us know what you are planning. If your group is large, we may ask you to come to a specific storytime that is not usually as crowded than one that is often full.

May I film/record or take pictures during storytime?

Feel free to take pictures or film your own family members, but please do not film or take pictures of storytime staff without asking the presenters first. No flash photography is allowed at any time as it is very distracting to the presenters and other storytime attendees.


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