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Chief's Welcome
Chief of Police : John Duscio

Wylie Police Chief John Duscio has announced his retirement expressing appreciation to you for supporting the Wylie PD, “It’s been an honor to serve beside the men and women of the Wylie Police Department and I am extremely proud to have been part of this great team.”

City Manager Mindy Manson said she was proud of his service over the past 7+ years, “Duscio is leaving the city and police department in great shape.” She also touted the overall drop in crime rate and high level of service maintained during Duscio’s tenure.

Assistant Police Chief Anthony Henderson will serve as interim police chief prior to attending the FBI National Academy beginning mid-July; Henderson will be named chief of police upon his return in September. Assistant City Manager Jeff Butters will oversee police operations in the interim. Duscio’s retirement is effective July 1.

Thank you Chief for your service and commitment to the community. 

File a Commendation

The Wylie Police Department welcomes and encourages your comments regarding our employees' service to you. If you would like to recognize an employee, please provide the name of officer(s) involved and the details of the commendation. 

This information can be forwarded to: 

Wylie Police Department Administration

2000 N. Highway 78, Wylie Texas 75098.

We document all commendations received from the public and they are placed in the employees' file.



The Wylie Police Department takes people's concerns seriously. We believe the public is entitled to efficient, fair and impartial service. We investigate all allegations of employee misconduct and respond to inquires about employee actions or department policy.

The Texas Government Code requires that all complaints against police officers be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. 


File a Complaint 

Citizen complaints may be accepted by any supervisor of the department who is approached for such assistance. The supervisor shall document the complaint in writing and promptly forward the complaint to the internal investigations authority.

The supervisor may attempt to resolve a complaint by an exploration of departmental policies and procedures, where applicable. Attempts to resolve complaints shall be noted on the complaint report.

Telephone complaints, anonymous complaints, or complaints from citizens who wish their names to be held in confidence shall be documented and forwarded through the chain of command.  The Chief of Police will determine whether further investigation is necessary.



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