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Wylie Patrol Officers provide around-the-clock preventive patrol, respond to calls for service, perform traffic accident investigation, and enforce federal, state and local laws. Patrol is responsible for initial crime investigation and protection of Wylie citizens. The Wylie Police Department Patrol Division is the face of the organization. The majority of contact that the public has with the police department is with the members of the Patrol Division. This fact is taken seriously by all officers assigned to the Patrol Division. When a citizen calls the Wylie Police Department needing service, a patrol officer is initially sent to the location.They begin the investigation by analyzing the situation, examining the evidence and then making a decision on a course of action. If a report is warranted, the report is taken by a patrol officer and then referred to an investigator for a follow-up investigation.

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Officers utilize state-of-the-art technology in their vehicles. Vehicles are equipped with the latest in crime fighting technology such as laptop computers, in-car and body video recording, LED-based lighting systems, stop sticks, ballistic shields and basic crime scene equipment. The use of Tahoes as patrol vehicles allows this equipment to be carried by most on-duty patrol officers. 

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Before someone can become a patrol officer with the Wylie Police Department, they must complete a state-approved police academy as well as a three-week mini-academy. After successful completion, they enter the field training program.The field training program consists of four months of riding with a Field Training Officer. The job of the Field Training Officer is closely monitor and provides on-the-job training for the recruit. Field Training Officers are selected to be the best of the best in their respective areas. Visit our recruiting page to learn more about what it takes to become a Wylie Police Officer.

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The Patrol Division is under the command of:

Lieutenant Mike Atkison                Office: 972-429-8003

Lieutenant Tommy Walters           Office: 972-429-8006

There is one Sergeant assigned to each of the patrol shifts. You can email a shift Sergeant by clicking on their name below:

Sergeant Stephen Coomer - Alpha 1 (Sun-Tues 7 am-7 pm)

Sergeant Joddy Warren - Alpha 2 (Sun-Tues 7 pm-7 am)

Sergeant Donna Valdepena - Bravo 1 (Wed-Fri 7 am-7 pm)

Sergeant Billy McIntosh - Bravo 2 (Wed-Fri 7 pm-7 am)

Each shift works alternating Saturdays. 

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