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Water Restrictions & Conservation

Water Restrictions to Ease May 1

North Texas Municipal Water District reports that Lavon Lake and Chapman Lake have reached sufficient levels to allow watering restrictions to be eased earlier than previously planned. Beginning May 1, NTMWD will move from drought restrictions to a Water Conservation Plan that limits landscape watering to no more than two days per week on your trash day and three days after, only if needed, and never between 10 am and 6 pm.

Although the drought has not officially ended, runoff from recent rains has helped increase the levels of the two lakes. Consumers are urged, however, to continue to keep sprinklers off and use the manual mode to irrigate, if needed, and to turn off sprinkler systems during rain events and on days when watering isn’t necessary.

For weekly updates regarding how much and when to water your lawn, sign up for www.watermyyard.org.

Starting May 1st:

Limit landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems at each service address to no more than two days per week (May 1 - October 31), with education that less than twice per week is usually adequate. Additional watering of landscape may be provided by hand-held hose with shutoff nozzle, use of dedicated irrigation drip zones, and/or soaker hose provided no runoff occurs. Lawn and landscape watering are limited to twice per week as per the chart below:

 Trash Day  Watering Days
 Monday  Monday and Thursday
 Tuesday  Tuesday and Friday
 Wednesday  Wednesday and Saturday
 Thursday  Thursday and Sunday
 Friday  Friday and Monday

 Listed below are the Water Conservation Measures:

  • Limit landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems at each service address to no more than one day per week beginning November 1st and ending March 31st of each year, with education that less than once per week is usually adequate. The watering day shall be on the customer's trash day unless otherwise set by the City of Wylie.
  • Prohibit lawn irrigation watering from 10AM to 6PM (April 1 - October 31).
  • Prohibit the use of irrigation systems that water impervious surfaces. (Wind driven water drift will be taken into consideration.)
  • Prohibit outdoor watering during precipitation or freeze events.
  • Prohibition of use of poorly maintained sprinkler systems that waste water.
  • Prohibit excess water runoff or other obvious waste.
  • Require rain and freeze sensors and/or ET or Smart controllers on all new irrigation systems. Rain and freeze sensors and/or ET or Smart controllers must be maintained to function properly.
  • Prohibit watering of areas that have been overseeded, sodded, sprigged, broadcasted, or plugged with cool season grasses, except for golf courses and athletic fields.
  • Requirement that all new irrigation systems be in compliance with state design and installation regulations (TAC Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 344).
  • Non-commercial car washing can be done only when using a water hose with a shut-off nozzle.


Report Watering Violations
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Water Conservation Tips
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