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What is Direct Alarm Monitoring?

Direct Alarm Monitoring is when your home burglary and fire security system is set up to notify the City of Wylie's 9-1-1 system rather than going through a third party monitoring company.

How is Direct Alarm Monitoring better than using a private alarm company to monitor my home?

When a private alarm company monitors your security system, they receive notification from your security system that your home needs emergency responders. The monitoring company tries to call your home to see if you have accidentally set off your alarm in error. If they make no contact with the home owner, the monitoring company then calls our 9-1-1 center and requests emergency responders be dispatched to your home.

By using Direct Alarm Monitoring, your system automatically notifies the City of Wylie's 9-1-1 center. The 9-1-1 center dispatches units to your home immediately and a dispatcher attempts to make contact with the homeowner.

By cutting out the middle man, you've saved valuable time that could save your life and property.

What does it cost to have Direct Alarm Monitoring?

That's the beauty of our program: it only requires the annual permit fee, which you have to pay no matter who monitors you. So basically -- you get your home monitored for free!

What is involved in a Direct Alarm Monitoring conversion?

Regardless of whether you are currently monitored by an alarm company, have not activated your system, or do not have one installed but are pre-wired, any household or business has the option of being converted to Direct Alarm Monitoring by the City of Wylie.

Any licensed alarm company the citizen chooses may perform conversions; however, the City has received pricing assurances from specified companies. These companies are noted on our paperwork.  If the homeowner chooses a company not on the list, the company must provided state licensure to the City of Wylie prior to doing the work.

If you choose to use one of these companies, the City of Wylie will act as a coordinator between the alarm company and the  individual(s) requesting services.  The City will have a representative contact you to schedule an appointment to perform a pre-program inspection to verify your panel's ability to be reprogrammed. If problems arise or your system is not currently compatible, a representative will explain conversion options.  

Do I get any signs or stickers to show that my home is being monitored?

Of course you do. Once your conversion is complete, you can come by our office at 300-100 Country Club, Third Floor, Wylie, TX  75098 to pick them up.

It sounds great! I want to be monitored by the City of Wylie. What next?

It is as simple as downloading and completing the forms. Submit your paperwork to the alarm coordinator by email or mail to: 300-100 Country Club, Third Floor, Wylie, TX 75098

Direct Alarm Monitoring Forms

City Of Wylie | 300 Country Club Road | Wylie, Texas 75098 | 972.516.6000


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